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    Steve Wehling

    I am very excited about this project, and have been dreaming about it for over a year now. Many thanks to everyone who is working on it!

    In my ideal world, every time a student uploads a paper to Waypoint, it would automatically generate an originality report and be added to the student repository. I suspect that it is too much to have the originality report transmitted back to Waypoint, but if an instructor link would populate that opens a new window displaying the TII page for the assignment with the list of student submissions and originality scores would be a pretty good outcome as well. The instructor could keep that window open while grading and check back as needed for specific student originality reports.

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    Client Services

    What we're thinking is to have Waypoint actually submit the document. So when a student uploads it Waypoint will then forward it to Turnitin and the resulting originality report will be stored with the student work. Both will be visible from the grading screen. Does that scenario work from your perspective?

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    Steve Wehling

    Definitely - that is better than I had hoped.

    Will the documents be viewed side-by-side or will the instructor toggle with a link/button between them? It is a lot of information for one screen, but useful if it is readable.

    Will the source links work, as well as the e-mail the other instructor feature for papers submitted to other institutions?

    I would love to see the papers added to the repository to help us identify students who share papers (a too frequent occurrance), but I can see how that would pose a problem for the "revision" assignment feature that we are currently using.

    I am heading out for the weekend, but I look forward to picking this up again next week!

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    Client Services

    I'd first ask what is ideal from your perspective? A link to the originality report that pops open a new browser window? Part of the student work so that it can be marked up and annotated? A tabbed view that let's you toggle between the report and the student work? Just some ideas to get the creativity flowing. 

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    Morgan Johnson

    I am going to discuss with my team but a few initial thoughts/ideas/questions in addition to Steve's:

      • Will the current setup of TII folders still be seperate through the eC course shell or will this be possible through Wp for both instructors and students? As Steve stated, an automotic submission of all uploads to Wp to TII would be ideal. However, TII also provides students the option to submit prior to submitting an assignment - it's not required, it's just an option. This may eventually be a curriculum requirement but my guess is probably not for a long time. Faculty/TAs currently have to go in and create special TTI folders for each course which is time consuming and creates a lot of user errors. I can go through this process with you if you'd like. Including some way for students to submit prior to assignment submission that generates a report on their end would be ideal. I can web out in my head how some kind of assign specific draft from the student dashboard could work but I don't know if it's ideal. Streamling the student expereince will be important. Another thing to take into considersation is Waypoint enabled courses will only capture a portion of our courses and although it will increase over time this could/would create different TII requirements for non enabled courses.
      • Reporting - will reporting be a possibility or will that feature reside within TII? My understanding is that current TII reporting capabilities are very limited. The Learning Tech group that works closest with TII gave me the following reporting info:

        The reporting system basically lists every single student that is using the service and provides the number of times they have used TII and a breakdown of their scores.  This rolls up all the way to the institution level.  You can then click on each student and it will tell you what courses / sections they submitted papers for with the same breakdown.  It doesn’t actually go to the assignment level, and it doesn’t seem to have the functionality currently to even sort and look at just specific courses although we may be able to ask Turnitin to provide that type of reporting ad hoc.  Hope that helps.  Let me know if you have any more questions on the reporting.

      Ideally we'd want to connect where issues were happening on an assignment/course/program/institution level so that we could address curriculum issues, supplemental guidance, etc. Steve are there reporting areas that would benefit your team?
    • TII visibility to students. How can students view? It is def a high priority that they will have access via their eC Gradebook as they currently do not. Also, is there any possibility of a TII report URLs?
    • Grader visability - I am going to talk more in-depth with my team but eventually it would be AWESOME for some interactive connection between our assignment elements/feedback and TII report results. Including: feedback action items and preloaded usable feedback items for annotate (in-text).

    More to come...

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    John DiGennaro

    For Blackboard, SafeAssign is integrated into Bb, but not well.  Perhaps a "copy all text" that way, it can be brought into SafeAssign as text.  The integration from Bb to SafeAssign isn't smooth to begin with, the text copy would be a great first step.

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    Steve Knowland

    I have my first Waypoint class and came here to ask about having some way to batch download student papers so I could submit them easily to TII. This sounds much better.

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