It would be nice to be able to share rubrics with specific users


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    Hi Kingsley,

    Thank you for your feature request.  You actually have a way of doing this now. Here are the steps you would need to take to share a rubric with a select group of users:


    1. Create a folder.

    2. Locate the rubric you want to share.

    3. Select "Duplicate Rubric" from the Actions dropdown.

    4. Select the folder for your duplicated rubric and click "Duplicate." Your duplicated rubric will be in draft status with "Duplicate" appended to the beginning of the name.

    5. Publish the rubric by selecting the rubric name to edit the rubric.  You can change the name (remove "_Duplicate" from the name), make any other changes to the rubric you may want and then select "Publish."

    6. You will now be ready to share the new folder with one or more faculty members.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.  

    BTW, we will still consider your request as an enhancement to Waypoint!!




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